How To Find Someone’s Email Address? Tools That I Have Been Using Since 2015

If you are a newbie in freelancing who specialized in Administrative Support and want to know the tricks and ways on how to find someone’s email address, this blog post is right for you. Over the years I spend on online web research and data entry, later on, I specialize in lead generation or contact list building. Here are the 4 ways on how to find someone’s email address I have learned throughout my career.


Email guessing is one of the first strategies I have learned on how to find someone’s email address. I spend minutes before getting the most possible correct email address for one contact person.

Here’s some email pattern on how to find someone’s email address. For instance, the full name of your prospect that you are needing an email address is John E. Smith.

In email guessing, the difficult format to get on how to find someone’s email address is when the email format involves the middle initial. This may happen if there are two John Smith working in the same company. Or it is just how the company preferred the email format.

There are also few companies whose email address format is unique, probably because of how large the company is – for an instance, Amazon. One company I stumbled upon too was, the email address is consist of 4 letters from their first name + last name; would be an example of that.

Some companies may crack your brain on how to find someone’s email address. Just don’t give up.

Use Email Permutator+ to save time guessing how to find someone’s email address. is also one of my comfort tools on how to find someone’s email address. It is very easy to use, you just need to enter the domain of the company then results will show you the most possible email format.

But how accurate is email guessing on how to find someone’s email address? Email verification tools can help you narrow down good business email addresses. was a free tool and allowed a single email verification check without requiring to sign up or log in. They started revamping their website last September 2020 and introduced monthly subscription and bulk credits pricing. The website revamped is really nice. What I like about the new MailTester is, they have options on how their users want to verify emails. Users can upload a file (CSV, TXT, XLS, XLSX) and verify the list at one click. However, on a single verification page, users can also do multiple verifications. If users will only have 10 email addresses to verify, users won’t need to worry about putting it in a file and uploading it. Which saves time for me.

I have been using MailTester since 2015, which is also an important tool on how to find someone’s email address throughout my career. So I don’t mind paying for at least a minimum of 5000 email verification credits from them. 

Gmail Profile is one of my verification tools on how to find someone’s email address, I guess nothing beats that?! If the email is in use, a 90% chance it will send through.


Using a sales intelligence product is probably the easiest way on how to find someone’s email address but comes with a good price. B2B contact databases are more likely to have higher percent accuracy. You get what you paid for. These platforms might provide direct dial contact of your prospect. Most of the B2B database companies required business email addresses to signup. was my life-saving tool early in my lead generation projects. I used this as my ace tool. ZoomInfo before gives 10 FREE monthly credits and knowing when to use it was vital on how to find someone’s email address. was my alternative when I can no longer login on ZoomInfo as a free user. I believe they updated their pricing too. is a widget that appears in Gmail’s sidebar. It is available in the Chrome browser. Clearbit gives 100 free credits to view contact details, a great tool on how to find someone’s email address.

This is one of the best alternatives for the most favorite widget Rapportive. which has been acquired by LinkedIn, then been called LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Gmail which eventually bid farewell last April 2020.

I just want to express how helpful and relevant Rapportive was. It is a Gmail widget or extension in which if you enter an email address in the recipient section in creating an email, the person’s profile shows up. I have been using it since 2013.  I will be a forever fan of Rahul. is among the alternative sales intelligence software on how to find someone’s email address. What I like about Hunter is that they provide a source where the email is found. That is their best pros. 

Below is Hunter’s pricing. You can save 30% on a yearly subscription which not bad anymore if you like a reliable product on how to find someone’s email address to use in your contact list building. also offers an email verifier. It is a one-stop-shop for your lead generation project. is the ideal tool on how to find someone’s email address for personal email addresses. If your customers are freelancers or local entrepreneurs that possibly don’t have business email yet, RocketReach is for you. You just need to input the LinkedIn URL profile of that prospect.


Facebook and Twitter are the best sources on how to find someone’s email address. If you are on the business Facebook page, go over to the About section and they usually spoon their email address there as the main contact.

On Twitter, you can either use the advance search or use this format on Google search keyword (contact email)

When in doubt use LinkedIn as your tool on how to find someone’s email address, especially if you are 1st degree connected with that someone.


Using the number one search engine would probably be one of the better ways on how to find someone’s email address. I mean, Google is Google. It has almost everything. So if you aren’t sure of the email guess you made, go to the Google search bar, type the email address, and hit the search button. It either shows the exact email address, or the results might lead you to the right page where you can grab the correct email address.

There are many ways on how to find someone’s email address; email guessing, sales intelligence products, social media, and Google search are just a few of them. But if you are going to ask me what’s the best tool out there or was there, I’d say RAPPORTIVE. I’m one of the saddest people when I heard that LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Gmail will take its sunset.

It depends on your strategy on how you reach out to your prospect. If you need help with the contact list building, feel free to reach me.