The Freelancer

Shira started all her gigs through Upwork (formerly oDesk). Over the years, she encountered different tasks that able to enhance her skills with a foundation knowledge of link building. And as a freelancer, she able to learn and practice how to be efficient, reliable, and accurate in every job I dive in.

What Shira Do?

Shira helps small companies to grow. She does more help in sales or marketing people for their lead generation and/or B2B list building. Her clients range within SaaS, Internet, and Marketing & Advertising industries.

Shira can help you with web research. She has a deep foundation in internet research which she improved throughout the years.

Shira can help you with data entry. She can be as detailed oriented as you want her to be, mistakes can be done but she always makes it up.

Shira can help you with lead generation. She’s been practicing it since 2015 and proud to help a few of her clients produced warm prospects using Linkedin.

Shira can help you with list building. Either you need a list of restaurants with Michelin star or a list of will writers. Shira can help you with that project.

If you’re looking for someone that will help you with data entry, web research and B2B list building HIRE ME.

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